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On this new podcast, NXTLVL will bring you daring and different dialogues about “DATA: Design, Architecture, Technology and the Arts.”

You’ll hear from provocateurs for whom disruption and transformation are a way of engaging in work and play everyday.

My guests will include thought leaders who are driven by a passion to create the ‘New Possible’ and promote anew paradigms of experiences into the mainstream.

I'll talk with designers from all disciplines, Architects who are changing the landscape of the built world, technophiles – visionaries who make deeply sensory-based but digitally-mediated experience and I’ll explore the transformative process of creativity with artist of all sorts.

We’ll dig into what a digital future might mean for an emerging cohort of consumers… and how their changing expectations will likely shape the world of brand engagements.

Our world is shifting. And we are the paradigm shifters.