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...Where does customer experience actually happen? If you knew a little more

about how the brain works, you might likely make better design decisions

 that matter to guests when getting them to engage with your brand...

David Kepron's Brain Food Blog

Your brain, body and the environment are in a continual dialogue while engaging in every experience - every moment of every day.

The Brain Food blog looks at this intimate dance and the impact of a digitally mediated future on customer experience design.

It digs into how brands can remain relevant to an emerging cohort of customers for whom the rules of forming and maintaining relationships with brands have changed.

Younger customers are media makers. They are writers, directors producers and the main characters in the brand of 'me.' They are storytellers who shape the narratives of their lives within the contexts of social network sites. For them, brand relationships are a 'give and make,' a collaboration where they are integrally involved in the brand experience storyline.

The landscape of places where brands and brains connect are under transformation. A paradigm shift is underway and while it follows an evolutionary path, it is happening at a revolutionary pace.